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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fruitfulbookmarks. Online bookmarks saving position.

    Most of the online bookmarks services offer more or less the same set of features. Although it seems to be almost impossible to offer new functionality, Fruitful Bookmarks have something unique. This service allows you to save and restore position of view of the web pages. And not only pages, it works with images as well. Standard functions are also there, currently users are able to:
  • save bookmarks in one click (using bookmarklets). Position of view is saved along with URL and title and may be later restored in one click as well;
  • manage bookmarks using AJAX interface;
  • share bookmarks with other users;
  • have more than one bookmarks storage;
  • websites owners can integrate service into their pages;
  • and all this without need of registration.
     How it works. To use this service you don't have to register; you need to create bookmarks storage and drag-n-drop offered bookmarklets on the panel of your browser (if you use Internet Explorer, you must first save bookmarklets to Favorites and then drag them to panel). Next steps are even more simple: click "↓" to save bookmark (and position); when you need to restore it click "↑". There are other options and also some limitations. For details please refer to help.
    About all new features and bugfixes read in this blog. We hope you'll have a fruitful experience with our service.

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