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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Graddit Guard: protect content with password

Suppose, you need to protect content from being viewed, but you don't want to make the whole blog private. You just want content that can be accessed by visitors that have a password. Simple problem if your blog is on Wordpress or Drupal. Blogger blogs owners can not achieve this eassily. New Graddit widget "Guard" is made for this purpose. Look at the text below:
If you do not have password you will not see the hidden text. Now enter "123" and press "Open". Hidden text will be shown and you will not need to re-enter the password next time you visit the same page.

Text below will be shown after you tweet this page:

to unlock content.

Want to protect content in your blog?

  1. Open widget page.
  2. Enter password and text to protect. Press "Save" while typing your text to check how it will look on your page. If you press "Save and Lock" you will not be able to change password or text anymore.
  3. Insert given code into your blog page or post. You will see the protected page because widget remembered you created it. All other visitors will see the prompt to enter password. To make sure it's working open your page in a different browser, or in incognito window, or clear the cookies.

That is all. Leave a comment to this post if you have questions.

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