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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ratings widget for Tumblr

Graddit now supports Tumbl microblogging platform. Examples here. To insert a single rating you'll need to copy code from ratings page Generic tab and paste it into desired place while composing new post. To be able to use javascript inside posts you'll have to make some configuration changes:
To edit settings login to tumblr and press preferences icon (1). Set Edit post using to plain text/HTML (2).

You'll also need to add graddit.css styles in theme settings. Go to theme customization, press Edit HTML button
Add styles
<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href=""/>

to <head> section
Press Update Preview, then Save (if the button appeared). Everything is ready now to use single ratings.

If you'd like ratings to appear on each post automatically you'll need to make some more modifications to your theme template. First decide where you want ratings to appear: what kind of material, what part of post, should it be visible on the main page or only on internal pages, etc. Then try to find corresponding place in the template. Not with all the templates it will be easy to do; experiment with some harmless piece of text first (maybe even with comments). For example, for ratings to be displayed on the top of text posts below the titles on the main page and on internal pages, code needs to be added into {block:Posts} inside {block:Text} block right after closing {/block:Title}
Don't forget to save the template. Widgets code should be taken from the ratings page Tumblr tab.

Ask questions here if you have any issues with widgets in Tumblr.
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Monday, October 15, 2012

External related posts

Related posts widget got better. Now you can link to external pages with one click right on recommendations tab in administrator interface.
How it works:
  1. In "switch to" field (1) you enter URL of a page from site you want to link to (that site should have ratings widget installed and a key should be generated). Press Enter and wait until it's loaded.
  2. Chose a parent page on the left panel. Click link (2) to connect recommended page.
  3. If you setup widget to display thumbnails, for external pages they should be specified manually. For Blogspot users it's easy, just click on (3).
Don't forget to save changes. Every time you switch to a new site it's address will be displayed below as a link for quick switching. To switch to pages of the site that you're currently managing click on "Self" link. Links display up to 3 recently used sites.

Important: to be able to switch to site this site's "Allow other users to see my ratings" option should be turned on.

Reminding what is what on recommendations page. On the left panel there're the parent pages that you're creating recommendations for. Parent page you're working on right now is expanded and marked green. On the right panel there're the pages of your site. To create new parent page click on "←"; to connect page with parent click on "✓". Lightgray boxes mark pages already connected to selected parent, lightgreen boxes mark pages picked automatically based on labels (but not yet connected).

Coming soon: automatic feed detection (to avoid manual thumbnails setup) and automatic detection of similar pages from external sites.

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