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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Get music cheaper: comparing prices for MP3 tracks and albums at major online stores

So you like music, you buy it often and you want to pay less for your downloads. Checking prices manually is a pain, but here is a service that makes it easy: — compare prices for digital content (music, movies and apps) at major online stores like Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, 7 digital and Win Store.

But enough talking. Let's see how much you can really save. So I took 25 best selling tracks and albums from iTunes and verified them on bytespit, here is the results:

Top 25 songs (tracks)
Best offers among the stores are marked green. As you can see, it is worth checking. If buying at the cheapest price you might save about 20c - 70c per song with total of about $5 of savings for the whole set. Now let's get to more interesting things.

Top 25 albums
Prices for albums may be so much different: from 50c to 5$ and even more. Imagine how much you could save over time!

Enjoy your music and don't forget to check prices before buying on bytespit.

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