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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Related posts widget update

Related posts widget has become much better. What's new:

  • styles to control the layout;
  • thumbnails;
  • automatic recommendations (based on labels);
  • improver user interface (see below).


If you haven't got access to the management panel yet, do now.
Recommendations tab now has settings:

You can:
  • specify what widget should do in case no related posts were set for a page:
    • pick automatically (based on labels);
    • show nothing;
    • show static HTML. Nothing stops you from adding javascript though;
  • show thumbnails (you should set feed URL);
  • set number of links to be displayed. If number of related (or automatically found) pages exceeds that number, then specified number of randomly picked links will be shown;
  • set max length of displayed titles (or links if it's set to not show the titles);
  • change widget layout;

Manual related posts creation interface has also changed and became more efficient:

link still creates recommendation containers and still creates relations, but now when you select a container on the right panel links get highlighted:
  • darkgray — main page (container URL);
  • lightgray — related posts (recommendations);
  • lightgreen — automatically found related pages that you might want to use;

Widget code (for Blogger) you need to take from the same page , see above the recommendations list.

Possible issues

  1. Not all the pages present on the right panel. That could happen if users from different countries read your blog, in this case pages can be saved into the database with their local domains: or To resolve this issue you need to send domain parameter in the widget code. For example (for Blogger):

    <script expr:src='"; + data:post.url + &quot;&amp;;labels=...</script>

    and wait a bit until database gets refreshed data.
  2. No labels are shown. You need to update widget code, just take it from the main page. Again, you need to wait a bit before changes will be reflected.

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