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Saturday, March 30, 2013

"I like" widget for blogs

    Now you can get heart "I like" widget for your blog? Open Graddit widgets, select Like widget on the left hand side and Platform on the right. "Generic" code would be good for single post, for example: I like
    Actually, you can use any symbols and images with this widget.
    If you want it to show on each post automatically you need to select Blogger platform and follow instructions here. Instructions for Tumblr can be found here.

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  1. im having problems with some of your ratings the icons are not showing up on firefox and chrome and even safari, i am using windows xp
    here is a screen shot

    1. it seems to work with windows 7 with all browsers
      but not on windows xp, hope this helps why it dosnt show the symbols on xp

    2. I checked on windows and linux in different browsers - working fine. I do not have access to XP.

    3. i found the problem
      it was windows xp it didnt have ceratin uni code files
      i updated it works now,